Islamists yes but Muslim Turks did not and do not deserve a Sultan&Caliph wanna-be Erdogan

Islamists yes but Muslim Turks did not and do not deserve a Sultan&Caliph wanna-be Erdogan

As a Muslim who believes in Quran verse 256 (There is no compulsion in religion) and verse 20:114 which states “O my Lord! Increase (or enrich) me in knowledge”, I have opinions about Islam.

As I always say, the Islam world is divided into three major sects. First sect is the Modern Muslims who believe and practice faith aspect of Islam which I support and respect. These are mostly in Turkey, thanks to Ataturk’s reforms, and include the Alevis.

Next sects are Islamists (not Muslims): Radical/Jihadists ie Taliban, Al Qaeda etc and the Ironically Comedic Islamists who pretend to be “moderate” Islams. But they attempt at every chance to impose primitive Islamist mentality in daily lifestyle, politics, education, family etc. Unfortunately Turkey is full of those, thanks to Sultan & Caliph-wanna-be Erdogan, his AKP members and his fake “liberal” Islamist tools, ie, Mustafa Akyol whom you seem to follow hopefully for entertainment!

Blaming Jews at every opportunity is what these two Islamist sects have in common. Or they’ll be blaming the secularist Muslims. As a Turkish Islamist author said many years ago, something to the effect, “two Jewish states were formed in 20th century: Israel and Republic of Turkey “- referring to Ataturk’s republic.

Erdogan proved his Islamist sect membership recently when he blamed or claimed that Israel is behind Egyptian military’s action, which I call “support of 33 million citizens and rejection of Morsi’s Islamist dictatorship.” I am sure US was initially hoping for Erdogan to be a model for Middle East Islamists. To give Erdogan credit, he is street smart enough not to push his Islamist agenda immediately as Morsi did. Sultan wanna-be is a “creeping Islamist”

Based on their past comments, the two (Morsi and Sultan wanna-be) have a lot in common. Morsi is known for his speech “Quran is our constitution, Prophet is our leader, jihad is our path and death in the name of Allah is our goal” Erdogan’s past comments include ” thank God almighty, I am a servant of Sharia” “women never have the right to be elected” “all schools should be turned into Imam Hatips” “alcohol should be banned” etc etc His “streetcar democracy” says it all. Islamists yes but Turks did not and do not deserve such mentality running their country.

Until Islam goes through reformation and enlightenment in these countries, democracy will never be governance system but just a “numbers game” to win elections only to implement a primitive, archaic, tribal mentality on the citizens.

Laz Kemal



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