Education Jihad Sweeps the Country – A Guide to the Gulen Schools in America

Education Jihad Sweeps the Country – A Guide to the Gulen Schools in America


A Gulen school where students are indoctrinated in the tenets of radical Islam to bring about a New World Order under Sharia (Islamic law) may operate within walking distance to your home or business. Your tax dollars might be used to further “education jihad.” Your children or kids in your hometown might be groomed to take part in the restoration of the Ottoman Empire and the creation of a universal caliphate.

It sounds preposterous. But it’s true.


You may even think that an ecumenical educational enterprise – such as a charter school operated by recent émigrés from Turkey – is worthy of support. Think again. The Gulen schools are so subversive that they have been outlawed in such countries as Russia and Uzbekistan. The funding for these institutions has been curtailed in the Netherlands.

The Gulen schools – which fuel the Gulen movement – have been responsible for transformation of Turkey from a secular state into an Islamic country with 85,000 active mosques – one for every 350 citizens – the highest number per capita in the world, 90,000 imams, more imams than teachers and physicians – and thousands of state-run Islamic schools.

Yet Gulen schools flourish throughout the U.S.A. – 85 such schools are already in existence and dozens more are expected to open next year. All are funded by American taxpayers.

You might think of schools called “the Beehive Academy” or “the Chesapeake Science Point School” as altruistic institutions that serve the common good of the American people, but names are deceptive and the Gulen movement operates under the Islamic principle of taqiyya or “holy deception.”

Fethullah Gulen, the 68-year-old founder of the schools and the movement, represents an embodiment of this principle. In his public statements, Gulen has espoused a liberal version of Sunni/Hanafi Islam by promoting the Muslim notion of hizmet – altruistic service to the common good. He has condemned terrorism, advocated interfaith dialogue, and met with such religious dignitaries as Pope John Paul II, the Greek Orthodox Patriarch Bartholomeos, and Israeli Sephardic Head Rabbi Eliyahu Bakshi-Doron.
In private, Gulen has stated that in order to reach the ideal Muslim society “every method and path is acceptable, [including] lying to people.”

Nurettin Veren, a top administrator of the Gulen schools says: “These schools are like shop windows. Recruitment and Islamization activities are carried out through night classes.”

Bayram Balcri, a leading Turkish scholar, writes: “Fethullah’s aim is the Islamization of Turkish nationality and the Turcification of Islam in foreign countries. Dozens of Fethullah’s ‘Turkish schools’ abroad – most of which are for boys – are used to covertly ‘convert,’ not so much ‘in school,’ but through direct proselytism ‘outside school. Gulen wants to revive the link between state, religion, and society.”

Gulen Schools

Gulen has the financial means to achieve this objective. His movement has amassed more than $25 billion in assets. And he works to topple governments, indoctrinated youth, and create the New Islamic World Order not from Islamabad or Istanbul but rather from his heavily guarded mountain fortress in Pennsylvania.

Here’s a partial list of the Gulen schools in America:

Schools Operated by Daisy Education Corporation
Sonorant Science Academy-Tucson Middle-High School 2325 W Sunset Rd., Tucson
Sonorant Science Academy-Tucson Elementary School 2325 W Sunset Rd., Tucson
Sonorant Science Academy-Broadway Kindergarten – Grade 8, 6880 E Broadway Blvd., Tucson
Sonoran Science Academy-Phoenix Kindergarten – Grade 10 4837 E McDowell Rd., Phoenix
Daisy Early Learning Academy, 2325 W Sunset Rd., Tucson, AZ
Davis Monthan Air Force Base

Lisa Academy 21 Corporate Hill Dr., Little Rock
Lisa Academy-North 5410 Landers Rd, Sherwood

Magnolia Science Academy 1, 18238 Sherman Way, Reseda
Magnolia Science Academy 2, 18425 Kittridge St., Reseda
Magnolia Science Academy 3, 1444 W Rosecrans Ave., Gardena
Magnolia Science Academy 4, 1010 Abbot Kinney Blvd, Venice, CA
Magnolia Science Academy 5, 1530 N Wilton Place, Hollywood
Magnolia Science Academy 6, San Carlos
Momentum Middle School, 6365 Lake Atlin, San Diego
Bay Area Technology School (Bay Tech) 4521 Webster St., Oakland
Pacific Technology School-San Juan
Pacific Technology School-Santa Ana

Lotus School for Excellence, Aurora

Orlando Science Middle School, 2427 Lynx Lane, Orlando
River City Science Academy, 3266 Southside Blvd., Jacksonville
Sweet water Branch Academy 1000 NE 16th Ave, Building C, Gainesville
Stars Middle School 1234 Blountstown Highway, Tallahassee

Fulton Science Academy Middle School, 1675 Hembree Road, Alpharetta
Technology Enriched Accelerated Charter High School, 4100 Old Milton Pkwy, Alpharetta

Science Academy of Chicago, Grade 1-Grade 8, 8350 N. Greenwood Ave, Niles
Chicago Math and Science Academy Secondary School, 1705 West Lunt Ave, Chicago

Operated by Concept Schools, Inc.
Indiana Math and Science Academy, Grade 6-Grade 12, 4575 W 38th Street, Indianapolis

Abramson Science and Technology 5552 Read Blvd., New Orleans

Chesapeake Science Point Secondary School 1321 Mercedes Drive, Hanover

Pioneer Charter School of Science Grade 7- Grade 10, 51-59 Summer Street, Everett

Broadside-Frontier Math and Science School Secondary School, 5605 Troost, Kansas City
Broadside Charter and Day School Elementary School, 5220 Troost Ave., Kansas City

Coral Academy of Science-Las Vegas, 8185 Tamarus St., Las Vegas
Coral Academy of Science-Reno Secondary School, 1350 East Ninth Street, Reno
Coral Academy of Science- Reno Elementary School, 1701 Valley Road, Reno

New Jersey
Bergen Arts and Science Charter School, K-8, 200 MacArthur Ave, Garfield
Paterson Charter School for Science and Technology, 276 Wabash Ave., Paterson

Tuition Schools
Pioneer Academy of Science, K-12, 366 Clifton Avenue, Clifton

Operated by Concept Schools, Inc.
Horizon Science Academy-Cincinnati Middle School-High School, 1055 Laidlaw Avenue, Cincinnati
Horizon Science Academy-Cleveland High School, 6000 South Marginal Rd., Cleveland
Horizon Science Academy-Cleveland Middle School, 6100 South Marginal Rd. Cleveland
Horizon Science Academy-Cleveland Elementary School, 6150 South Marginal Rd. Cleveland
Horizon Science Academy-Columbus High School 1070 Morse Rd. Columbus
Horizon Science Academy-Columbus Middle School 1341 Bethele Road, Columbus
Horizon Science Academy-Columbus Elementary School, 2835 Morse Rd., Columbus
Horizon Science Academy-Dayton, 545 Odlin Ave., Dayton
Horizon Science Academy – Denison, K-1, Grades 4 – 8, 1700 Denison Avenue, Cleveland
Horizon Science Academy – Springfield, Grades 5- 8 630 South Reynolds Road, Toledo, OH 43615-6314
Horizon Science Academy – Toledo, Toledo High School, 425 Jefferson Avenue, Toledo
Noble Academy-Columbus, K-Grade 8, 1329 Bethel Road, Columbus
Noble Academy-Cleveland 1200 E. 200th Street, Euclid

Schools operated under the Cosmos Foundation, TX.
Dove Science Academy-OKC Secondary School, 919 NW 23rd St., Oklahoma City
Dove Science Academy-OKC Elementary School, 4901 N Lincoln Blvd., Oklahoma City
Dove Science Academy-Tulsa, 280 S Memorial Dr, Tulsa
Tuition school affiliated with Raindrop Turkish House
Bluebonnet Learning Center of Tulsa Nursery, Pre-School and Pre-Kinder Education, 280 S Memorial Dr., Tulsa

Truebright Science Academy Secondary School, 926 West Sedgley Avenue, Philadelphia
Snowdrop Science Academy Pre-School – Grade 7, 233 Seaman Lane, Monroeville

Operated by The Cosmos Foundation
Harmony Science Academy-Austin Secondary School, 930 East Rundberg Lane, Austin
Harmony School of Science-Austin Kindergarten- Grade 8, 11800 Stonehollow Drive, Suite 100, Austin
Harmony Science Academy-North Austin, Grades 6- 10, 1421 Wells Branch Parkway, W Suite 200, Pflugerville
Harmony Science Academy-Beaumont, Kindergarten- Grade 10, 4055 Calder Ave, Beaumont
Harmony Science Academy-Brownsville
Harmony Science Academy-Bryan/ College Station
Harmony Science Academy-Dallas Secondary School, 11995 Forestgate Dr., Dallas
Harmony Science Academy-Dallas Elementary School, 11995 Forestgate Dr., Dallas
Harmony Science Academy- El Paso, 9405 Betel Dr., El Paso
Harmony Science Academy-Fort Worth
Harmony Science Academy-Grand Prairie, 1102 NW 7th St, Grand Prairie
Harmony Science Academy-Houston Secondary School, 5435 S. Braeswood, Houston
Harmony School of Excellence-Houston, Elementary and Secondary School, 7340 North Gessner Rd, Houston
Harmony School of Innovation-Houston, 9421 West Sam Houston Parkway, South Houston
Harmony School of Science-Houston, 13415 W Belford Ave., Sugar Land
Harmony Science Academy-Northwest, Kindergarten- Grade 10, 16200 Tomball Parkway, Houston
Harmony Science Academy-Laredo, 4401 San Francisco Avenue, Laredo
Harmony Science Academy-Lubbock, 1516 53rd Street, Lubbock
Harmony Science Academy-San Antonio, 8505 Lakeside Parkway, San Antonio
Harmony Science Academy-Waco, 1900 N. Valley Mills Dr., Waco
Texas Gulf Institute Career Center Adult Education, 9431 W Sam Houston Pkwy., S #203, Houston
Operated by Riverwalk Education Foundation, Inc
School of Science and Technology Discovery, K-12, 5707 Bandera Road, Leon Valley
School of Science and Technology-San Antonio Secondary School, 1450 NE Loop 410, San Antonio
School of Science and Technology-Corpus Christi
Tuition schools affiliated with Raindrop Turkish House
Bluebonnet Learning Center of Houston Nursery, Pre-School and Pre-Kinder
Education, 9303 W Sam Houston Parkway South, Suite 200, Houston
Bluebonnet Learning Center of Dallas Nursery, Pre-School and Pre-Kinder Education, 1416 E Collins Blvd., Richardson
Bluebonnet Learning Center of El Paso Nursery, Pre-School and Pre-Kinder Education 9405 Betel Dr., El Paso

Beehive Science and Technology Academy, Secondary School, 1011 Murray Holiday Rd., Salt Lake City

Wisconsin Career Academy Middle-High School, 4801 S 2nd Street, Milwaukee

Source: Family Security Matters

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