Nov 10, 2013 Ataturk Remembrance Day

Nov 10, 2013 Ataturk Remembrance Day

Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the founder of the Turkish Republic, was commemorated on Nov. 10 2013, the 75th anniversary of his passing with official and unofficial ceremonies across the country and abroad.

In Washington DC, the first statute of Ataturk was inaugurated in Sheridan Circle.

Washington Ataturk Heykeli

In Los Angeles, members of the Turkish community and their friends gathered in California State University’s Dominguez Hills Loker Student Union Building in Carson City.

ATASC and its five local chapters (VATAN, LATAA, OCTAA, ATASC-SD and TALL) invited all members and friends to celebrate the life and legacy of the founder of modern Turkish Republic, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk. On this solemn 75th anniversary of his passing, Turkish Americans in Southern California will gather to pay their respect to Atatürk, a great leader, visionary, and statesman.

This commemorative event is organized by ATASC in Carson, CA, a city where the first Atatürk monument on the U.S. West Coast will be erected.

After a succulent breakfast with simit-kasar-borek-corek and tea, Vega Sankur opened the ceremony at 9:05 am by observing a one minute silence in respect to Ataturk, followed by the National Anthems and Andimiz.

DSC04008 (Large)

DSC04010 (Large)

With the absence of the Consul General of Los Angeles Honorable Aydin Topcu who became sick just before the event, ATASC’s president Hafize Turgut took the stand followed by the design team for the Ataturk monument. The event was further enriched by music of Dr. Ilhan Sami Ozulu who played songs that Ataturk loved, including Vardar Ovasi (which was banned by Deputy Prime Minister Arinc because the song referred to “drinking Raki”).

DSC04013 (Large)

DSC04012 (Large)


After a brief pause, our guest of honor, retired Admiral Turker Erturk took the stand to explain the reforms of Ataturk. This was the highlight of the event, since several people stayed there long after the event was finished to ask the Admiral about the situation in Turkey.

DSC04021 (Large)

DSC04023 (Large)



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Above clip is Vedat Aslay’s memoirs about Ataturk.

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