Ottoman Prince may enter politics

Ottoman Prince may enter politics

There are rumors that the grandson of the Ottoman Sultan Abdulhamid II is about to enter politics in a bid to become the mayor of Istanbul.

The head of Turkey’s Great Union Party (BBP), Mustafa Destici, has made a very controversial announcement, indicating that Kayihan Osmanoglu, the grandson of the Ottoman Sultan Abdulhamid II, is about to enter politics.

The announcement came during the BBP’s 6th Kocaeli Congress meeting. Although he admitted that this was not yet a reality, he claimed that there are many people who are calling on him to run for the position of mayor of Istanbul.

When asked about rumors of the Ottoman prince’s wish to be the first member of the Ottoman royal family to enter politics since the fall of the Ottoman Empire, Destici said ‘Kayihan and myself share a very special friendship. In Istanbul there are people calling on him to step up. However, we have not discussed this issue yet.’

Destici went on to say that the party will soon reveal the candidates for the upcoming local elections, and many believe that Kayihan Osmanoglu will be among the names.


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